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Dr. Jason Dixon, D.C. graduated with honors from Parker University. He studied many chiropractic techniques at Parker, attended multiple advanced technique seminars while in school, and has traveled around the country studying an amazing form of care known as Network Spinal. He loves the way this care helps his practice members unleash their potential, and improve their spines, minds, and lives in an incredible way.


Dr. Jason is certified in Applied Kinesiology by the ICAK and has achieved 2 of 3 certifications in Network Spinal Care through the EpiEnergetics™ Foundation. He continues to travel, study, and enhance his skills to deliver outstanding, life-changing care. Dr. Jason works with patients and practice members to achieve a higher level of integrity in their spine and nervous system so they can live and perform at a higher level than before. 


Dr. Jason became interested in the human energy system, various forms of energetic work, and the body-mind-spirit connection at age 14.  At that time, he began sensing what felt like a magnetic field around his hands.  With focus and practice, this sense grew to a full body energy awareness and eventually a sense of the natural energetic fields around all living things and certain objects.  At age 18, he met his friend, Jay, who introduced him to Reconnective Healing (developed by Dr. Eric Pearl) and Reiki.  Dr. Jason has studied various forms of "energy medicine" ever since.  His vision is to teach this work to everyone who would like to learn. In the future, Dr. Jason  plans to open a school and research center for various forms of natural and holistic care.

Dr. Jason is also a subject matter expert to the up and coming chiropractic electronic health records software company, H2D Software. Jason is lending his expertise and knowledge to H2D Software to assist in the creation of the most comprehensive, technique specific chiropractic software available.


Dr. Jason married his best friend, Jenna, ten years ago. They met in high school and it was love forever! Together they have four sweet dogs, Baby Girl, Molly Sue, Mr. Dale, and Sammy Rio. They live right here in Fort Worth, and love creating and engaging in community. In his spare time, Dr. Jason loves to play guitar and enjoys watching a good movie or playing a game with friends.